Let us help get you geared up for Summer 🌿
Let us help get you geared up for Summer 🌿
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Sustainable Relationships Make a Difference

I am very selective about my product lines and business partnerships. I strive to conduct business in a way that makes a positive difference in the world. When choosing new products for the shop, I look for partnerships with companies that believe in social responsibility, such as donating a portion of their profits to organizations, making their products here in the USA, utilizing green business practices. Most of these businesses are small businesses owned by people who place ethical business (and personal) choices over profit. They do what they do because they are driven by that passion to both do what they love and offer an alternative to the mainstream, and, in my opinion, generic choices. 

Rather than just sell these product lines, I'd like to tell you just a bit about the driving forces behind these companies and how we all make the world a better place by choosing to spend our money in a more socially responsible way:

Po Campo: A woman-owned company based in Chicago, Po Campo supports World Bicycle Relief. For every 50 bags sold, a girl in Africa receives a bike to help her get to school. Additionally, Po Campo manufactures leather-free bags.  

Nuu Muu: Based in Bellingham, Washington, Nuu Muu also is a woman-owned company. Nuu Muu apparel is made in the USA, and Nuu Muu believes in "empowering women to love themselves into action." Nuu Muu is a member of 1% for the Planet and The Conservation Alliance and contributes to a number of other organizations that are dedicated to the well being of the planet. 

Moon Valley Organics: Based in Deming, Washington, Moon Valley Organics is a certified B Corporation. A family-owned business, Moon Valley Organics utilizes eco-friendly practices from product ingredients right on through to the packaging. Moon Valley Organics promotes pollinator awareness and bee education and donates 10% of all Herbal Lip Balm net profits to organizations that work hard to promote pollinator health through conservation, legislation, and research. 

My Soxy Feet: My Soxy Feet also is a woman-owned business offering products made in the USA. Based in Lake Mary, Florida, My Soxy Feet promotes healthy, active lifestyles and donates a portion of their profits to charity. For instance, a portion of the sales of the United sock is donated to Team RWB. 

Additionally, Zentuitive LifeWear donates 10% of its profits to Open World Cause, a foundation that provides clean water and education to communities all over the world.

When you make a purchase here at Zentuitive LifeWear, the impact is far-reaching. 

I thank you for your support of not only my own business but of other people and the sustainability of the whole earth. Seemingly small daily choices collectively contribute to a better quality of life for all of us. 

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